Prospecting for new oil reserves is a complex and high-cost endeavour, even when it involves traditional resources. The cost of geological prospecting operations, and the cost of mistakes, are still higher when investigating previously un-researched, inaccessible regions. Much of this uncertainty can be eliminated prior to commencing field work through the process of basin modelling.

Basin modelling means taking a journey millions of years back into the past — recreating the formation of (and changes to) geological strata in order to determine when they first appeared, how they were built up, and how hydrocarbons are distributed within them.

Russia’s market-leading producer of Bitumen materials

JSC Rusgazdobycha bitumen business operated by azstransstroy-energy Refinery Bitumen Materials  now holds a leading position in the production and sale of traditional and innovative bituminous materials on the Russian bitumens market — premium class bitumen volume was over 100,000 tonnes at the end of 2019.

New Standards

JSC Rusgazdobycha proactively invests in the development of bitumen production and in improving the quality of its bitumen materials.

Since 2019, the company has organized an inter-industry conference “Bitumen and Polymer-Modified Asphalt Cements. Topical Issues” to discuss the use of bitumen materials in Russia’s road construction.

In 2019,  JSC Rusgazdobycha Refinery became the first in Russia to produce bitumens meeting a new provisional standard which now form the basis for new GOST standards 33133-2014.

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