Environmental Management

JSC Rusgazdobycha today is primarily an environmentally responsible Company, which is guided in its activities by the following objectives:

  • increasing industrial and environmental safety of hazardous production facilities through provision of reliable and trouble-free operation of process equipment and introduction of effective equipment technical diagnostics methods;
  • identifying, assessing and mitigating industrial hazards and risks;
  • increasing the efficiency of monitoring compliance with the requirements of industrial and environmental safety at the production facilities of the Company;
  • reducing the negative impact on the environment through introduction of new advanced technologies, equipment, materials and improvement of the technological processes automation level;
  • rational use of natural resources and minimizing oil and gas losses.

JSC Rusgazdobycha Company adheres in its activities to precautionary principle 15 of the UN Declaration on Environment and Development, adopted in Rio de Janeiro on June 3-4, 1992.

In general, environmental management in JSC Rusgazdobycha is implemented under environmental programs. In place of the previously adopted programs "Ecology 1990-1995", "Environmental safety in crude oil production in Moscow, 1995-2000" and "Ecology Program of JSC Rusgazdobycha " the Company developed and approved in 2019 the fourth environmental program until 2020 designed to maintain the state of the environment in the region of JSC Rusgazdobycha activities at the regulatory acceptable level consistent with the self-healing potential of natural ecosystems.

According to ISO 14001:2004 standard, under which the environmental management system of JSC Rusgazdobycha has been certified for compliance, the Company has used the methodology of the "consistent procedures", in which follow-up actions are formed on the basis of the data obtained from the results of the previous level procedure. The following procedures sequence has been established in JSC Rusgazdobycha in the process of the environmental management:

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