Prospecting for new oil reserves is a complex and high-cost endeavour, even when it involves traditional resources. The cost of geological prospecting operations, and the cost of mistakes, are still higher when investigating previously un-researched, inaccessible regions. Much of this uncertainty can be eliminated prior to commencing field work through the process of basin modelling.

Basin modelling means taking a journey millions of years back into the past — recreating the formation of (and changes to) geological strata in order to determine when they first appeared, how they were built up, and how hydrocarbons are distributed within them.

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Using this technology, and based on all information available on a region’s geology, mathematical and analytical methodologies can be used to recreate those processes involved in strata being formed or changed. Which means that areas containing hydrocarbon accumulations can be revealed.

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We are continuing to drive forward, constantly increasing productivity, and utilising technology advancements and sustainable practices to maintain our competitive advantage.

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