Management Board

The Management Board of JSC Rusgazdobycha is a collegial managing body, which elaborates the economic policy of JSC Rusgazdobycha, coordinates the operation of the services and divisions of the Company, and makes decisions on major issues of the everyday economic activity.

The competence of the Management Board covers the JSC Rusgazdobycha's activities development program, the prospective current plans of the Company's activities as well as preparation of reports on their implementation, the JSC Rusgazdobycha's participation in commercial and non-profit organizations, implementation of the program of financial and investment activities of the Company.

The Management Board also addresses other issues not within the competence of the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board of Directors and General Director of the Company.

From our beginnings  we have grown to become an international business operating in emerging and mature economies alike. We are one of the few companies with the skills to deliver complex projects of huge scale and take advantage of the growth in long-term infrastructure markets.


Born in 1959. He graduated from the Moscow State University in 1978 specializing as a mechanical engineer and he graduated from the Correspondence Soviet Trade Institute in 1986. 1996 – 1998 The share in the authorized capital of the Company % – none Percentage of ordinary shares of the Company possessed by the person

Makhov Konstantin Anatolievich

Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Deputy CEO

Born in 1958. He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Petrochemical and Gas Industry named after academician I.M. Gubkin, Tatar evening faculty in 1983. 1994 – Deputy General Director for Operations, from 2000 to 2013 he worked as First Deputy General Director – Head of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products Sales Department. General Director of JSC Rusgazdobycha The share in the authorized capital of the Company % – 0.000176 Percentage of ordinary shares of the Company possessed by the person % – none


Director of Finance

Born in 1965. In 1987 he graduated from the National Economy, soshi Order of the Red Banner of Labor Institute . In 1995 and Advanced Training of personnel in financial and banking specialties of the Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation. 2001 to 2016, Head of the Strategic Planning Department, Advisor to the General Director for Foreign Economic Affairs and Financial and Banking Issues of the company

Alexander Pavlovich


Board Member

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