Mazut-100 are used as fuel for steam boilers, boiler plants and industrial furnaces, for the production of marine fuel, heavy engine fuel for crosshead diesel engines, and bunker fuel. Fuel-oil yield makes about 50% of the feed oil based on the original weight. Due to the necessity of its further processing, oil is subjected to further treatment on an increasing scale, stripping distillates boiling in the range of 350-420, 350-460, 350-500 and 420-500°C in vacuum. Vacuum distillates are used as a raw material for production of motor fuels by catalytic cracking, hydrocracking – it is also used to produce distilled lubricants. Vacuum distillation residue is used for processing in the thermal cracking and coking units, in the production of

residual lubricating oils

The company places a high value on the potential of its petrochemicals business: deeper refining of its own hydrocarbons will allow the production of products with greater added value. Accelerating the development of this very capital-intensive sector will allow closer partnerships with major players in the petrochemicals market. For example, in Omsk, together with SIBUR and the Titan Petrochemicals Group, JSC Rusgazdobycha Refinery is working on new innovations in the production of polypropylene — a very inexpensive and environmentally friendly plastic now widely used in virtually all industrial sectors.

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