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JSC Rusgazdobycha is one of Russia’s biggest producer  of basic petrochemical products, sourced in the process of refining oil and gas. The company has a significant market share in the Russian aromatics and propane-propylene fractions sector.

“Basic petrochemical products” are the raw materials used for the production of plastics and food wrappings, high-tenacity yarns, woven membranes, building materials, dyes, medicines, insecticides and pesticides, additives for oils and fuels, and many other consumer and industrial goods.

JSC Rusgazdobycha petrochemical products are predominantly supplied to major petrochemical enterprises throughout the Russian Federation and the CIS, including the Kuibyshevskiy Khimicheskiy Zavod, Shchekinoazot, Titan Petrochemicals Group, Khimprom, Mogilev-Khimvolokno, Polyef, and others. Aromatic petrochemicals are typically exported to Western Europe and China. Propane-propylene factions are now entirely processed into polypropylene at the JSC Rusgazdobycha Refinery.

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