JSC Rusgazdobycha Refinery would like to inform you about increasing cases of frauds attempted by unidentified individuals acting on behalf of JSC Rusgazdobycha.

It’s been found that penetrators send out their business proposals to the potential counter parties with a view of contract awarding on behalf of JSC Rusgazdobycha.

In their correspondence the swindlers use e-mail addresses with similar domains such as @jscrusgazdobicha.ru, @ljscrusgazdobycwa.ru, as well as the company symbols and a fictitious signature of the current general manager of JSC Rusgazdobycha
We point out the authentic e-mail addresses and telephones of our company:

 Official domain of JSC Rusgazdobycha  Refinery: https://jscrusgazdobycha.ru/;
– Official website of LLC JSC Rusgazdobycha Refinery: 
– Official electronic mail address: info@jscrusgazdobycha.ru/;
– General telephone contact number: +;
– General telephone fax number: +7

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